Looking up

Worry and stress.

You don’t know the true meaning of the words until you’re an adult I guess. To be honest I had never felt them as I do now even when I was 17, that’s not to say there weren’t reasons to feel them, I just never let it get to me.

As we get the ball rolling on this year, it’s really hitting me how much is going to change and how much could change… and how much has changed already. For the most part it’s all good. My tax return will be enough to start moving on my wedding, I was just employed yesterday to a place with great benefits, but along with that comes a stress,

My fiance has been stuck at a job he hates for too long and we strangely enough got interviews with the same place on the same day, but I’m reticent to tell him of my new employment status because we are waiting to hear back on his with this company. Then of course there is the fact that my time with my niece and nephew will be cut so considerably as to almost be non-existent. I’m not one to complain, and even now I’m not, I’m grateful for everything I have, it’s just amazing how much life and thoughts, worries and fears, they all change as you get older, then some will always stay the same.

There’s are infinitely more worries I have come across, I’m not going to dwell because… well… Things are looking up, even the things that seem like they’re looking down. It’s been my experience that things work themselves out at the end of the day, worry is kinda pointless. I just wish it was easier to do less of =).

I hope everyone is well,